Our lives are filled with so many activities, each one demanding our undivided attention. Work, school, friends, social activities, Twitter updates, Facebook…

In the midst of these activities, how much time do you make for family, children, and/or significant others?  If you are feeling overwhelmed and wish you could clone yourself several times to accomplish everything, consider the following:

1. Set boundaries that you can stick to!  If work ends at 5pm but people are still calling you 24/7 when do you need to stop answering work calls? (Hint the answer is not 10pm but maybe it’s 5pm or 6pm)

2. Consider your family goals.  Is your goal to provide for your family? There are many ways to provide, other than financial. How you are providing when it comes to emotional and intellectual needs? How often do you just sit and listen to the members of the family share their day, play a game, watch a movie, go for a walk, just laugh?

**If you have never heard the Harry Chapin song, “Cats in the Cradle” I suggest you listen and read the lyrics. Putting off your family today could lay the foundation for them to mimic you in the future.

3.Take personal time to relax.  What is that? You don’t have time to relax? You feel lazy if you allow yourself to rest?

Taking personal time is a great way to restore balance to your day and all you need is at least the time it takes for a lunch break. During this time evaluate your daily and weekly goals. Think about where you need more balance in your day or week and make adjustments.